Zoom Improves Platform With Two New Features

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Video conferencing app Zoom announced today that it will be adding two new features to its platform, Zoom Apps and Zoom Events.

Zoom Apps allows users to combine third-party apps with their Zoom Meetings to foster engagement and collaboration in the workforce.

Zoom Events is the company’s new events platform for large and small businesses to host virtual events and offers features to enhance the experience for those in attendance.

Zoom Improves Platform With Two New Features

There are over 50 apps available on the Zoom App Marketplace with a variety to choose from like Collibri, which records and transcribes meetings, and Dot Collector, which allows people to share opinions via real-time feedback.

Users can also add games like Kahoot!, an interactive quiz show, and Heads Up!, where one player guesses as many words as possible while the others shout out clues.

Zoom Events allows large and small businesses to host and manage virtual events like customer events, sales summits, and trade shows. Business people will be able to build branded event hubs and create multi-session events. Users will be able to host both free and paid events that can be either public or private. Zoom Events offers customizable ticketing and registration, as well.

According to a blog post, Zoom plans on adding more capabilities to Zoom Events, such as “hosting multi-day and multi-track events,” but these won’t be arriving until sometime in the fall.

Zoom still offers OnZoom, launched in October, which is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs to host and publish virtual events. Although this platform will remain in public beta for the time being, according to a press release.

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