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To activate Facebook free mode and start using the Facebook social media for free is a very simple task you can execute within few minutes and with little or no stress. Very many Facebook users actually do think Facebook free mode activation will take them a whole day to launch but that thought will probably get to an end today after you have fully read and understood this context I am sharing with you here.

For clarity’s sake, to activate Facebook free mode simply means to start using Facebook for free without bandwidth charges. The use of this mode is so unique as no other social media over the years gives leverage to its users to browse their different platforms free of charge. With this occurrence, we can say FB is a very considerate and simple social networking platform as it makes sure every user doesn’t get cut off from its features and benefits.

In as much as you are opportune to use this social media for free, you have to know some facts about FB free mode. There are some features you aren’t allowed to access. Now you aren’t allowed to do the following:

  • View your uploaded images
  • To view photos people upload
  • watch video clips
  • You can’t see any live upload, e.t.c

How To Activate Free Facebook

Having given some few facts about FB free mode. This context will not be complete if I fail to give directives here on how to activate the free mode. Now, this is how to go over or turn to free mode on FB. You may be on the FB platform before you run out of data. so to get on and continue with what you are doing, this is how you go over to free mode:

  • Already on your FB profile page, look at the right top part of your FB page
  • Find the Go to Free directive text on purple color
  • Click on it
  • This finally makes you able to start using the FB free mode.

You can also use this mode even with a browser. To get started see what you have to do below:

  • Go to
  • Input your username and password correctly
  • Click on Login and that brings you to the very best FB free mode you desire.

Gone are the days when you get off the Facebook platform because of the data charges you feel you can’t meet up with. Now there is the mode called free mode for FB, just go ahead, activate and start using it.

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