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Google play store is a Google enabling platform with thousands of app therein where you can easily run to and get lots of apps downloaded to your phone. On Google Play Store, even games and digital contents can be gotten too. Specifically, Android devices support google play store.

How To Use Google Play Store

  • Get the app launched to your phone
  • Once you are ready to use the app, click and open the app
  • Make a search of any content you want to download
  • Click on the app when it shows up
  • Lastly, just click download to get the application ready
  • Finalize the whole process now by installing the app to your phone.

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Top Free App On Play Store

There are several top free apps in google play store and it’s very important you get to know and understand this app. See app below:

  • Whatsapp Messenger: this is a free Android app available on the play store for your use. This app is one of the latest and best social networking media with which you can chat and conveniently converse with your family, friends, and well-wishers. This app makes her of mobile number for account creation and password authentication. Whatsapp messenger has good features which include: profile picture upload, video call which enables you to make communication face to face, voice call. Lately, the app has upgraded and has a status upload enabling feature with which you can upload photos, texts, and videos. These status uploads can e deleted at any point you wish to but the maximum number of time each status seem available for viewers is a complete circle of 24hours.
  • Tik Tok: To perform and exhibit your acting talent and prowess to the world and full public, this is a suitable app that has to be in use. This is an Android free app on the Google Play store. It is an app you can use rightly on your own to make some short video clips also. It has some useful filters, effects, cool music and very many others with which you can enjoy the usage.
  • Facebook messenger: this app is a free app on the play store which you can readily download at any point in time. This is the fastest and most used social messaging app presently. It works with the Facebook app. With the Facebook messenger app, you can chat with friends, share files like videos and pictures. You can share emojis and Gifs too.
  • JioTV: here with JioTV you can enjoy over 100 and above video channels which includes even over 100 and above HD channels in over 15 different languages. This app though is available for individuals who have the Jio SIM. The JioTV app even gives you the leverage to record programs and watch them when you are at your leisure conveniently.
  • MX Player: Multicore decoding was accepted by this app first before any other video apps out there. This is a free Android app that enables you to watch any video in your device at any time. MX Player is also called the power video media is readily available for all android phones.

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Other top free apps on the Google Play store also includes:

  • Google Pay(Tez)
  • mCent Browser-Recharge browser
  • ShareChat
  • PhonePe
  • SHAREit -Transfer and Share
  • LIKE- Magic Video Maker and Community

Download Play store App To Your Android Phone: Steps

  • Open a web browser
  • Search for Download Play store for Android
  • Select any web Page link from the results which appears
  • Lastly, Click on download Apk

Lastly, on this, the Google play store has millions of apps that you may need for your daily activities. Do well to get the app on your Android device.

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