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In this content, you are going to learn about how to unblock someone on Facebook from your blocked list. Blocking someone on Facebook simply means getting someone off your list of friends on Facebook and therefore putting a stop to some certain things you share with the user on FB ordinarily. The blocked FB friend will not see things like what you post on your timeline, start a conversation with you, add you as a friend, invite you to groups, invite you to events, tag you as a friend too and so on.

The reverse of blocking someone on Facebook is unblocking the person. Thanks to Facebook for the great measures though which it has put in place to make the platform very amazing. Blocking someone on Facebook isn’t really the end of you being friends with the person again. There is also a very nice option and approach that could be followed to get the user back to your list of friends again. This is simply by unblocking the person.

Unblock Facebook Friend

Unblocking someone on Facebook though makes the person become able to see the things you post on your FB timeline and share with the public, but the person which you unblocked on the other hand too will not become your friend again automatically. For you to become friends with someone unblocked, you will have to send a friend request again.

A lot of FB users have been challenged regarding how to go about unblocking a friend which they blocked earlier on the platform. This content, therefore, will expose to you what you have to do and how best to go about it.


Steps To Unblock Someone You Blocked On FB

  • Before you start considering unblocking one on Facebook, you should have an FB account already. Thereafter, just go to and log in to your account.
  • Just at the top right corner, click on the small arrow
  • Then choose ‘’Settings’’
  • Next is to click on ‘’Blocking’’
  • Carefully scroll down to Block Users. This shows a list of the whole people that you have blocked earlier.
  • Correctly identify the name of the person you wish to unblock and click ”Unblock’’ next to that person’s name
  • Finally, click ‘’Confirm’’

Unblocking someone on Facebook, you should have in mind that the person unblocked will become able to find you again, contact, tag you again on Facebook, and many other things too. If for any reason you blocked someone on Facebook or you mistakenly did, the guide above if followed correctly, will help you unblock the friend.

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