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How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook – As a Facebook user, you can change your birth date on FB platform. Creating an account on Facebook, users are required to input their birth date in the field made available for it. Now once that is done and you’ve gotten an account already, Facebook reminds your friends of your birthday so as to enable them to celebrate you on the platform. More also makes you have a very wonderful and memorable birthday celebration every year.

This content is aimed at teaching you how you can change the date of birth on your Facebook profile. This action can be done using the main Facebook app and also on the desktop site too. The amazing thing is that as an FB user, you can get this done. On another note, if for any reason you are not comfortable with the display of your birth date on Facebook, you can hide your birth date.

How To Create A Facebook Account

One enters or input birth date on Facebook when creating an account or during the sign up process. This means that your birth date may not, in turn, be on the platform if you don’t have an account on the platform. To this effect, it will be a nice option to go to the Facebook website to sign up or create an account for yourself. Kindly see below for the steps to do that:

  • Go to
  • Then enter the name which you go by in everyday life
  • Next is to input your email or your mobile phone number
  • Still on the process, select gender, date of birth, and furthermore choose a password.
  • Tap ”Sign up” then
  • To complete or finish creating your account, you will now have to confirm your email or mobile phone number.

How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook

The step to doing this is really very simple and straightforward too. Just kindly see the easy-made guide below on how best to do that:

  • Tap your Facebook profile picture in the top left from your News Feed.
  • Tap ”About” below your profile picture then
  • Next is to scroll down carefully and tap ”Edit” next to Birthday
  • With the help of the dropdown menus, change your birthday and finally tap ”Save’’

I hope this answers your question on how to change your birthday on FB. As an FB user, you can also change who can see your birthday. You do this simply by adjusting the audience. There are two audience selectors that are next to your birthday, the first is for the day and month while the other is for the year. None of your FB friends gets a notification of your upcoming birthday if you do not share the day and month with them.

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