How To Change Password On Facebook – How To Change Your Facebook Password | Change Facebook Password

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How To Change Password On Facebook – Facebook is a very nice and amazing connectivity media. Having an account on the platform, it is with it you will be able then to meet and connect with friends and well-wishers on the platform thereafter. Now once you have an account on Facebook, when logging in or you trying to access your account, there are certain important informations that are required of you to access your account. They are your phone number or email and your password.

How to change password on Facebook is the keyword here and it is really a very important topic to educate everyone on. Most times, as an FB user, a lot of security issues arise especially on the path of hackers attempting to log into accounts that are not theirs and carry out malicious activities. Realizing this action, and making a change of Facebook password will do a great job in this regard.

How To Change Password On FB | Change Facebook Password

Very many FB users most times have really thought of changing their FB account password but the task seems challenging. It is really very easy to execute this function following the right steps correctly. Now see how to go about it below:

  • Log in to your FB account.
  • At the top right part of your FB page, click the inverted triangle
  • Then select ”Settings’’
  • What follows is to select ”Change Password’’
  • Click ”Edit’’ then
  • At this point, you are to enter your recent Facebook password
  • Enter your new password then
  • Finally, click ”Save Changes’’

That is the simple guide with which you can be able to change your FB password. It is really a very simple and short process. If you wish to change your Facebook password for any reason, following the guide above will help you change your account password successfully.

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