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Xender App is a very nice and unique application made for the transfer of files from different mobile phones. It is supported by almost all phone brands regardless of their operating system. Xender is very spectacular in its own way in the sense that it can transfer a large variety of items within a short period of time and as such has been regarded as the fastest platform for the transfer of files when carefully viewed and monitored together with other processes like Bluetooth sharing.  Xender keeps upgrading to meet the desires of its users and trust me it is seen in almost all phones used by individuals all around the world.  Presently very many phones even come alongside with it as a system app because of its relevance.

How To Use Xender

Don’t tell me it isn’t tiring as regards using very long procedures in transferring files from friend’s phones while you can do that in a few seconds. Only follow the few steps given below and get it done:

  • Open the Xender App which is on your pho
  • Click on either send or Receive depending on what you want to do
  • Wait for the receiver and click on the device immediately your phone finds it
  • Go to Download, App, Photo and music depending on what task they want to perform or what files you wish to share
  • Select files
  • Click send.


Names and photos on your device as far as Xender is concerned isn’t a big deal and it’s not also for a great purpose or high relevance but would also be nice if you wish to. Attachment of your picture really makes the identification of your device easy when you want to share files.


  • Go to the box which pops up on your phone screen when you’ve opened your Xender app. This box has an Emoticon on it
  • Click on the box.

NOTE: Here at this point options will appear to you on your screen to use your Facebook profile picture and name. Use the blue link on your screen and rightly get that done.

  • Choose from the Camera or Album to select your desired photo
  • Click on the selected picture and the whole process gets done.


Follow this detailed procedure and transfer Xender to another android phone easily:

  • Click on the picture box with a pictorial symbol which is there as your profile located at the top part of your screen
  • Click on more
  • Discover Share Xender to other phone and click on it
  • Share via Bluetooth or Hotspot
  • Ask the receiver to turn on discoverable and turn on Bluetooth when it is via Bluetooth
  • Click on share using Bluetooth
  • Identify the device and simply click on it.

Install Xender on your mobile phone today and easily transfer your desired files from other devices in little time frames.

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