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Hello everyone, Let’s talk about Block Facebook friend as a keyword here. Just do yourself a great good by reading through. As a Facebook user, you have very great chances of getting rid of any friend who by chance you don’t want to retain as a friend on your friendslist. To block a friend on FB simply deals with positioning a friend on your FB account in such a way that you have no chance of sharing anything in common. Contents which could be shared on a normal basis includes mobile uploads, likes and comments, and messages.

In addition to what has been related already with you, blocking a friend is no big deal as you can actually get upset with someone even as it is in the natural world or in life settings. Anytime you get a little crisis with a friend on FB and wouldn’t want to keep having lingering issues, the best option is to use the Facebook Block option and get the friend Blocked.  You should know also that blocking a friend doesn’t mean you can’t get along again because you have great chances of adding up the friend again if you wish to do so.

What Happens When You Block A Friend

Once you block a friend on FB, the things listed below tend to happen, so you should be always expecting it whenever you perform the action:

  • You become unable to text chat the friend
  • The friend wipes off automatically from your list
  • Probably you may also not see uploads made on FB by that friend of yours
  • More also the number of friends on your list reduces automatically

How To Block Facebook Friend On FB App

Follow the steps listed below orderly and get rid of a friend easily on FB with no stress

  • Go to
  • Login your account
  • Open your profile
  • Go to friends list
  • Search and identify friend
  • Click on the friend’s profile
  • Locate the block option on the friend’s profile

How To Block Facebook Friend Using FB Messenger

  • Get Messenger  App installed on your device
  • Login to your account
  • Search and identify friend
  • Find and click on the friend’s name and open as if you want to text chat
  • Tap on the more option at the top right part of the page
  • Identify and click on Block
  • Confirm Block friend.

Furthermore, you actually do have good chances of getting your friend back again if you’ve gone further to settle your differences all you need to do is to add the friend back and wait for a response.

Steps To Add A Friend Already Blocked To Your Facebook Account Back

  • Go to the search engine and search for the friend’s name
  • Add friend (Again)
  • You can also unblock.

Finally, life is actually too short to keep people who put you in exasperating situations/conditions even on FB, you just have to enjoy every piece of life to its fullest. Just Go to, login to your account thereafter just find the Block option and get it all settled.


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