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WhatsApp update is one very occurrence that occurs from time to time once you become an active user of the WhatsApp social networking media and also with the app readily on your phone. WhatsApp is a world-class social forum, very enjoyable with amazing features. Once you join WhatsApp there is definitely no dull moment as you only have to engage in conversations with your mobile contacts.

Updating your WhatsApp simply means getting or launching the new and latest version of the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone. This is in order for you to enjoy the upgraded features of the platform. Updating your WhatsApp doesn’t in any way remove totally the old WhatsApp features. Rather the features are worked on and improved by WhatsApp developers. Features like:

  • Video call
  • Voice calls
  • Uploading of status
  • Changing of WhatsApp mobile number
  • Editing your username
  • Change of profile picture. Very many more features remain intact and you can always get to do them as often as you wish.

Very many persons find it very hard to update their WhatsApp application automatically. As such, they just go ahead to uninstall or delete the old one already launched to their mobile phones. Here in this content educating you on what to do so as to update and get the latest version of Whatsapp easily is our utmost priority.

Latest Version Of WhatsApp Update For Android Phones: Steps

The act of the newly WhatsApp version update is so simple with your play store being a very important tool here to get on the process. Just see the steps here:

  • Now go on and Open your play store
  • Find the search box on the page to enable you to make a search
  • Enter WhatsApp
  • At this point, if your app is outdated, you will see an update instruction that accompanies the display of the WhatsApp application.
  • Now click update
  • Once the app is updated then, you can finally go ahead and install it on your mobile phone.

Isn’t it amazing to know that you can update this very fantastic app without having to delete the old version on your phone? Definitely, you can and it even reduces the stress and extra charge of downloading a new one. Get on it now and update this very app on your mobile device.

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