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WhatsApp Web – WhatsApp as a social networking media can be used on a desktop device on a daily basis and this is what WhatsApp web simply means. This enables WhatsApp users to have a very close and friendly online environment as participants of this social media. Using WhatsApp on a desktop device though doesn’t in either way reduce the full WhatsApp features. You remain very free to text chat your friends, video call your contacts. More also upload your WhatsApp status and also make voice calls.

WhatsApp For Desktop

Whatsapp as an app been used on a mobile phone, be it an Android, ios or windows phone has no complicating features ordinarily with the normal phone app. This also is applicable here in the case of using the social platform on a desktop. In as much as the WhatsApp web was developed for users to have a very friendly conversation environment with their contacts, on the other hand, it is also made available for individuals who work on their various offices and are always executing tasks with their desktop.

Now connecting your WhatsApp to the desktop which you always work with. You find it very easy to reply to messages and notifications outrightly which comes at any point without having to undergo the stress of picking up your mobile phone.
To use the WhatsApp web service. It is of high expectation that you have the WhatsApp mobile where you converse with friends and well-wishers. This will now give you the access to perform your desired function which is connecting your WhatsApp to your desktop.

How To Start Using Whatsapp Web

  • Visit web.whatsapp.com
  • Now go ahead and click the menu bar at the right top part of your page
  • Follow up the process by clicking settings
  • Now select WhatsApp web
  • Now to fully execute this action. Go ahead and scan the code displayed on your desktop by directly focusing your phone on that same point on the screen.

In addition, Whatsapp is very efficient in connecting people through phone number and it works perfectly on desktop devices. Once the scanning process is through, all your contacts then display fully with your full information including videos, photos, and former chats you send or receive. Desktop being a multitasking device enables you to use the WhatsApp web free. Just be sure you connect to a very good internet source.

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