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Poocoin. app trade has an extra token considered PooCoin that has a similar name. Putting resources into it has been on the ascent, with financial backers attracted to it because of its new expansion in notoriety.

Poocoin Price Chart

When you take a good look at the top of the page, You’ll find the Poocoin. app menus. This menu includes the Chart, Trade, Multi Chart, About, Tools, Premium, Advertise, Free Price Bot. We would be explaining what this menu mean below.


On The Charts page, You’ll also find the promoted section, wallet section, starred, and history sections. Looking closely at the promoted section, you’ll find the vetted and Un vetted menus.

Simply put, Vetted means people pay to promote their tokens on the poocoin website. While Un-vetted like you guessed simply means, people can promote their tokens for free. The coins are also sorted out from newest to oldest. So the newest coins go to the top and the older coins go below. To learn more about vetted and Un vetted menus, simply go to the promote section from the top of the poocoin website.

Multi Chart

This section helps you compare charts of coins. You can easily do this by putting the token address in the search bar at the top left part of the page.


You can become a premium poocoin user by holding certain amounts of poocoins in your wallet. By doing so, you get access to poocoin’s premuim features. These features are broken down into tiers.

Let’s take a good review on the different tiers.

  • Tier 1.

This poocion premium feature would let you Track Other trader’s wallets and also disable’s ads on the platform. You can access this feature by holding $100 worth of poocoin in your wallet.

  • Tie 2:

This poocion premium feature would show you trades of tacked wallets. That is you can show the trades of tracked wallets plotted on the chart, and enable the “Wallet tx” tab for them. This feature can be accessed by holding uo to $300 worth of poocoin in your wallet.

  • Tier 3:

This poocoin premuim feature unlocks the ability to view trending websites/tokens in more timescales, as well as listing the top 100 instead of 10. Basically it takes 24 for normal users to refresh the tending token list. But as a Tier 3 Premuim user you can set your own timescale. And this can be accessed by holdong $2000 worth of poocoin in your wallet.


For people who are interested in promoting their tokens can simply use the advertise page. The sections listed on the advertised tab include Banner Ads, Un-vetted List, vetted List, Telegram Price Bots, and Audits.

Banner Ads

This basically hels you advetise your coin at the top of poocoin.app website. Banner ads are purchased through an ad provider.

Un-vetted list.

If you started reading from the top, You should already have an idea of what an un-vetted list is. But you should also note, The Un-Vetted list will place all new submissions at the top of the list, pushing the rest down. You can promote the same token as many times as you want, putting it back at the top of the list.

If your token is pushed off the top-10 most recent deposits, it will no longer be on the list and you will have to deposit again to get it back onto the top.

You can Place your token on the Un-Vetted list by depositing 20.0000 WBNB. It is advisable that you wrap your regular BNB into WBNB on pancakeswap. Also, note that this is non-refundable and cant be withdrawn.

Telegram price Bot

This is divided into two. The PooCoin Free Price Bot and the AchTools Price Bot. You can easily invite the PooCoin Free Price Bot to your c=telegram channel by adding @poocoin_pricebot.

How to buy Poocoin Crypto Tokens.

Kindly follow the steps below to buy poocoin crypto token.

  • Visit PancakeSwap.
  • In order to import, please click “I understand,” then “Import.
  • The first step is to link a cryptocurrency wallet to PancakeSwap.
  • The wallet should include BNB.
  • Use the POICOIN BNB swap amount to determine the quantity of POOCOIN you want to exchange.
  • make sure slippage is set to 9%
  • Complete the Swap

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