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Facebook released the first virtual explorers known as Facebook Horizon last year in August. During the OC6, Facebook showcases the first look of what the Facebook Horizon looks like. However, it’s said to be a social experience that enables users to create, play, and explore with others in VR.

A lot of tests have been made by some of the groups of creators concerning the Facebook Horizon. Afterward, some people from the waitlist join the creation of the Horizon to test the application. There are so many interesting aspects of the Facebook Horizon to get started with.

Explore the World in a New Dimension With Facebook Horizon

The introduction of the FB Horizon allows you to explore a new world in an ever-expanding universe of virtual experiences. Things you can find in the Horizon comprises of Plaza and the new world created by the members of Facebook which is built with Horizon creation tools. In VR you can design or create the things you want to see and also places you would like to visit.

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The main purpose of the Horizon is to create and build a strong connection between people and fosters. Besides, Horizon appears as an important feature based on the fact that it is all about creating VR worlds and also enabling you to express your idea in VR. However, three factors make up the Horizon which include Play, Create, and Explores.

Features of the Facebook Horizon

Let’s check out the good features that the Facebook horizon has for you.


This is one of the exciting features in Horizon where you do not just explore virtual worlds but also be a part to grow and change reality. Also, you can discover new sorts of things that can inspire you and build your interest in something you like.


In Horizon you can meet up with people to challenge them which is fun. Plus, you can engage in new experiences where you can play together. The interesting aspect of, Facebook Horizon is that you can find whatever you’re looking for.


In Horizon you can bring your idea into play where you can dream, design, and creation. With the use of intuitive tools, you can easily select and learn about the feature. Plus, there are certain challenge and depth you can engage with for those that want to be a master.

Avatars and spatial audio

the new Workrooms will also allow its users to create their avatars through Oculus Avatars. These aviators are meant to enable more natural conversation using the virtual counterparts of the users in the VR world. The spatial audio technology enables a high-quality, low latency audio experience to mimic real-life conversations in a physical room.

Virtual whiteboard and meeting notes;

A traditional whiteboard or a notepad to take notes while in a meeting allows you to sketch out ideas and capture information. Therefore, Workrooms has a virtual whiteboard for users to list their thoughts out in real-time with their colleagues. Moreover, users can take meeting notes in their most convenient form as the Oculus Remote Desktop companion app allows them to leverage all of the regular computer’s features. These features are meant to provide better collaboration and mimic the real-world meeting/conference experiences in the virtual world.

Safety and privacy;

Facebook says that the Workrooms is built with safety and privacy in mind. Accordingly, Workrooms will not use the work conversation or the material used during these meetings to cue ads on Facebook. Facebook also made it clear that even the third-party apps integrated with Workrooms will not be given access to the data being streamed or used in the meetings. Finally, to ensure that every user on the platform is following the policies set by Facebook, they must have to agree to the defined Facebook Community Standards and Conduct in VR Policy.

For developers

Facebook announced that they are working to bring several of these features of the Workrooms for developers to use in their apps. Currently, features such as hand tracking and spatial audio are readily available for developers to use and leverage. Facebook also confirmed that they would be releasing other features such as avatars, mixed-reality desk, tracked keyboard capabilities, and more for developers to use soon.

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