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Play Candy Crush Saga On Facebook – Playing games on Facebook is one of the things Facebook users can use to keep themselves entertained on Facebook platform. Candy crush saga game is one game Facebook users can play on Facebook and this article focuses on teaching you how you can play the game. Let me also make something clear to you here, it isn’t just games that Facebook users can play on Facebook. Users also have other features which they can benefit from on Facebook platform too.

Now lets see what Candy crush saga is all about. Candy crush saga game is all about a puzzle kind of game. In playing this game, you get or earn points by crushing candies and by simply lining three identical candies or more in the same line. Playing the candy crush saga game, what you should understand is that the more you go ahead to crush candies, your points tends to become higher in the game. Candy crush saga game is a very nice game and a whole lot of persons in the world find it find fun and interesting playing the game.

How You Can Connect Candy Crush Saga Game On Facebook

This content is all about teaching you how you can connect candy crush saga game on Facebook and start playing it on Facebook. It is quite a very simple one if you get to understand how best to go about it. One thing you must do first is to install candy crush saga on your mobile device and it can be Android, iOS and Windows device. How do you install the app then? Just visit your device’s app store, search for the app with the search box therein and install it from there. Read further so as to understand how you can connect this game to your Facebook account.

  • To Connect the candy crush saga game to your Facebook account, to start with the whole process, like I said earlier ensure that you Install the candy crush saga app on your device. It can be an Android or iOS device.
  • Then after installing the app on your device, go further to open the candy crush saga game app.
  • After that, you will see two buttons, which are either to ‘’play game” or ‘’Facebook connect’’. What you have to do the is to click on Facebook connect and from there you start synchronizing the game to your Facebook account. NOTE: It is very important also that you understand the fact that you may be asked or requested to enter your Facebook username and password.
  • Furthermore, you also have to grant candy crush saga to access your Facebook account. To do that, just click on OK’’ and the connection starts from there thereafter.
  • More also as soon as the connection goes through and candy crush saga is connected with your Facebook account, you will then get a notification stating that your progress in the candy crush saga has been synchronized successfully with your Facebook account.
  • Finally, you are simply have to click OK’’ to continue playing the game. After doing that you can now start having a very enjoyable moment.

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