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Marketplace Facebook Buy Sell – I am sure you have heard about Facebook marketplace as it is obviously not something new any longer since it was introduced on Facebook platform by Facebook but on another note, getting more insight on it won’t be a bad idea.

The question now is what is Facebook Marketplace? Facebook marketplace is just like a platform where buyers and sellers can transact easily. It more of an online store which makes buying and selling very easy on Facebook platform. Facebook marketplace is a very wonderful feature f the Facebook platform, and one important thing which one should note also about it is that you can only see products posted by people who are in your city or near you.

More About Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace has a whole lot of benefits or advantages. Read further as i will be showing you some of its advantages also to ones business.

  • With the help of Facebook marketplace, considering the fact that Facebook is a very large social networking platform, it thereby brings your product to very many potential buyers or people who may be interested in your products. This in turn will result in you making even greater sales.
  • On Facebook Marketplace, arrangements for buying and selling are perfectly worked out easily following the fact that buyers can send direct messages to sellers.
  • Another advantage of Facebook marketplace which one has to note is that it is quite easy to use and also free.
  • Posting items and creating a listing on Facebook marketplace is quite simple  as you only have to take photos of the item, place price tag, description of the product, make confirmation of your location and category, then finally post the item.
  • Facebook marketplace offer a great service following the fact that it automatically shows you products in your local area. This is just like bringing services and products closer to individuals. These are some few advantages and benefits which one gets from using Facebook marketplace and there are sure a whole lot of them also.

Buying and selling on Facebook marketplace isn’t complex at all, what you should be bothered about is how to find or use the marketplace feature. To find Facebook marketplace, just log in to your Facebook account.and on your Facebook homepage, you will get to see a shop front icon and once you click on it, you are right there on Facebook marketplace.Read further to see the procedures on how to buy and sell on Facebook marketplace.

How To Buy And Sell On Facebook Marketplace

To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

  • Open the marketplace by signing in to your Facebook account and clicking on the Shop icon on your Facebook homepage
  • Then click on Sell something on Marketplace
  • Furthermore, enter the name of the item which you want to sell. Also add a photo of it, put the items description and go further to confirm your location
  • Make choice of the category to put your item
  • Also you can decide to post the item which you want to sell to a buying and selling group in order to increase the visibility of the item
  • After you are through with it, the item will be stored in your item tab thereafter.

That’s a very simple guide which you can follow to put items for sale on Facebook marketplace.

To Buy On Facebook Marketplace

  • On your Facebook account, open Facebook marketplace
  • Then locate the item which you want to purchase or buy
  • After doing that, click on the item and you will be offered two option then. One is to message the seller by sending a custom message to the person or click to send to a message which says ”is this available’’

That’s a very simple guide which you can follow too to get to buy things from Facebook marketplace.

In conclusion, Facebook marketplace is a very good innovative feature which Facebook has made available for its users. This is a very helpful tool for marketers to grow and promote their business and make even greater sales of the items which they sell and also makes a convenient platform for buyers to buy things too.

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