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O2tvSeries.com – Searching for a website to get all the best interesting TV series at excellent quality? Do you want one where you can easily navigate, find and download these TV series smoothly?

Then O2tvseries.com is the right place for you. With a huge library of TV series, you are sure to find that TV series you are searching for here whether old, new or latest, there is a place for every kind of TV series in this website.


O2tvseries Review – About this Free Movie Download Site

There are lots of free movie download sites however what makes a good one is having an up-to-date library as well as old fan’s favorites. O2tvseries doesn’t only update its series library with the most recent TV series released but also with old TV series that fans love i.e Merlin, Big Bang Theory, and the likes.

The website user’s interface isn’t the best but it’s okay and the TV series are well categorized making it easier to find any you want. On getting to the site you would come across the search tab, the “Recently Added” tab, and the alphabets section.

The search tab can be used to easily locate any TV series by typing in a keyword related to the series. The “Recently Added” section has all the newly added TV series to O2tv’s library, not all are necessarily the latest. Then there is the alphabet section which categorizes all the TV series according to the letters that begins each one’s spelling.

How to Download TV Series From O2tvseries

The quality of the videos here isn’t exactly HD, but given they are free and do not consume much memory space, it’s okay. Open a web browser and enter the URL www.O2tvseries.com.

There are a lot of ad pop-ups on this site, so you would be wise to tread carefully here. Use the search tab to find the series you want to download or scroll down and tap on any alphabet section. For Instance, to download the TV series “Merlin”, tap on the alphabetical tab “M – N – O”, go through all the pages till you find the TV series, and then tap on it again.

  • Specify the season whose episode you’d like to download.
  • Choose the exact episode you’d like to download.
  • Select the format in which you’d like it to be downloaded. The higher the format the better the video quality.
  • Pass the Recaptcha test by inputting the italicized characters (letters and numbers) into the empty box.
  • On the next page, where the video starts loading to play, long-press on it until a “Download Video” pop-up appears. Click on it and hit the back button to return to the previous page and start the download process.

Do the same for all episodes you’d like to download.


Downloading media content for free breaks copyright laws and offenders can be punished. Also, these files can also contain malware as most of these sites are illegal and substandard.

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