How to Spoof your Location using Google Chrome DevTools

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At whatever point you’re building or testing sites that tailor applicable substance to clients dependent on their topographical area or building a UI that changes relying upon where the client is found, you should ensure that the plan acts as proposed in various areas all throughout the planet. In this instructional exercise, we will talk about how to parody your area in Google Chrome.

Android gadgets have applications to serve mock Locations to applications running on them, and there are many applications on the play store that can be utilized to serve the counterfeit area organizes. In any case, in case you’re creating on a PC, which is more probable the situation, you should have the option to do likewise on the PC also.

Google Chrome permits you to decide to supersede your geographic area physically and show an alternate area with Chrome DevTools. This aides fill the need talked about before where you need to test if your site functions admirably in various areas all throughout the planet.

Spoof your Location on Google Chrome DevTools

  • Open up the command menu

This is done by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P (Windows)

  • In the Command panel, search for the term “Show Sensors”
  • Select the location you want to emulate on your virtual device from the dropdown

If you don’t find your desired location in the dropdown, you can always add your own locations of choice. Follow the steps below to add your location

  • Click on Manage beside the dropdown menu.
  • A setting panel opens up that has the list of locations currently available for emulation.
  • You can click on Add location.
  • Type the name you want to identify this location with, and plug in the coordinates to it. You can get the coordinates from Google Maps.
  • This new location will be added to the list of available coordinates to emulate.

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