How to Make a Duet Video On Tik Tok

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How to Make a Duet Video On Tik Tok – As a Tik Tok user, you must have seen one of those Tik Tok videos where there is a split-screen and it’s like two people making a video call. Probably a person reacting to what the other is doing or both persons talking to each other like an online meeting.

However the video might be, given it involves two different screens, it’s called a Duet. By doing a Duet on Tik Tok, you can make clips either as a comment or reply with both videos complimenting each other side by side.

how to make a duet video on tik tok

Making a Duet Video On Tik Tok

It is way easier than it looks. As the explanation above suggests, technically you are just replying to someone else’s clip-on Tik Tok.

All you need to do is find the clip with which you want to create a duet. You can then record the duet video or upload one from your device’s gallery. You can also create a duet with one of your own personal videos on Tik Tok.

Do note that to create a duet on a video, the creator of that video must allow it. Sometimes, one might try creating a duet with a creator’s video and not find the button to do so. This is because the clip’s creator disabled the option.

How to Create a Duet Clip On Tik Tok

  • Open the Tik Tok app on your device thus signing in to your account.
  • Locate the specific video either through your Tik Tok newsfeed or the creator’s profile page.
  • Hit on the “Share” icon that looks like an arrow by the bottom right corner of the video.
  • Select “Duet” from the list of options that pop-up.
  • Start recording your duet video or upload one from your device’s gallery while the other clip plays on the right side.
  • Add all effects and edits you would like to. Tap on “Next” and proceed to add any necessary hashtags or descriptions.
  • Finally, share the video.

You can choose to share your duet videos with the Tik Tok community, friends or privatize the video and make it visible only to yourself.

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