How To Do The King Henry Viii Challenge Bitlife

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looking for how to do the king henry viii challenge bitlife right? on the new update that came out recently the new challenge has been included now, many users already completed this challenge and posting it on twitter, fb, etc.

How To Do The King Henry Viii Challenge Bitlife

To do or complete the King henry challenge to become the king of England you guys need to follow some specific rules in the bitlife game before passing away your created character in the game. here in this article, we will share with you the steps you need to do to complete it easily, for that you can also follow the video tutorial to do it more simply as well.

Bitlife is one the best and popular life simulation text-based game comes with amazing challenges every time, you need to make the right choices every time as you like to complete the challenges in this simulation game! its really super fun and interesting one to play and spend time with during these days!

Do The King Henry Viii Challenge Bitlife Game?

Here is how you can complete it and complete King henry challenge and became king of England, all you have to do is complete all of these tasks mentioned below,

  • You need to became the king of England
  • you need to marry 6 wives or more
  • and have child with every wife in bitlife simulator
  • Should have son with six wife
  • And Execute all of ex-wives as well

In the First task to become a king of England, you should have a male character first should (born in England) and need to enter a royal family as well, after passing away parents in the game you can become the king in England.

After that, you should marry six wives as well, in such cases, you may end up with some divorces, it may happen more in-game. also, you should have children with each wife, after having a child you can divorce them and start a new life with a new wife in bit life game. also, you should have a son in the sixth wife, in some cases, you also want to wait for much more time as well.

after completing all of the above tasks you need to execute all ex-wives in bitlife to finish the king henry challenge, you can do it from the menu available in-game called “Relationship”. Select your character as a king so they can directly choose and execute the character they know as well.

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