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How To Delete Posts On Facebook – Facebook as a social networking platform allows its users to upload photos, videos, texts, and lots more on the platform. This content focuses on enlightening you on how you can delete posts which you made on Facebook easily if you don’t want them anymore.

There isn’t anything wrong with posting something on Facebook and further deleting it later on. For one reason or the other, you may want to delete a post on Facebook. It may be because you have shared or posted something mistakenly on Facebook and you realize that it shouldn’t be there, it may also be due to the fact that it is an old post and you don’t want it to be on Facebook anymore. Well, no matter what the reason is, you can delete a post on Facebook permanently if you don’t find it cool anymore.

How To Delete Posts On Facebook

Deleting a post on your timeline is quite simple and straightforward. You only need to go through the right procedure and you will find yourself being able to do that. Whether you are using the Facebook app on your phone or accessing Facebook on your computer, you can conveniently delete any post on your timeline as the processes to doing that remain the same too. See the steps to delete a post on Facebook below:

  • Log in to your Facebook account using a web browser on your computer or you can also use the Facebook app on your phone
  • Then go over to your Facebook profile
  • At this point, find the post which you want to delete
  • Next is to click on the menu button with the three horizontal dots at the top right of the post
  • Click on ‘’Delete’’ from the options listed out to you.

After doing all of that, Facebook will further ask you to confirm if that is what you really wish to do. Then click on ‘’Delete’’ to confirm the whole process. With the steps shown here, you can simply delete posts on Facebook with ease.

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