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Best Video Calling Chat App For Android – Currently, everyone has an idea about video calling. It isn’t something new again. To make a video call simply means to communicate with someone face to face with the use of a smart device. This is a greater measure of communication and it seems wonderful.

Here, I am going to give you the best video calling app with which you can contact your friends and well-wishers. To make a video call though, you need a smart device but must be connected to a very powerful internet connection. There are numerous video calling apps, I will go further to educate you and give you insight on the best and top ones.

You really do need to start making video calls today with your friend’s ad well-wishers. Trust me its another better measure and mode of communication. Making a video call isn’t stressful at all and there is no complexity regarding how to start it and end call. See below for the best video calling chat app for android then:

  • Facebook messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Google Duo
  • IMO
  • Viber Messenger

Best Video Chat App For Android

  • Facebook messenger: The messenger app for all Facebook users with text chatting as its main functionality also maintains an outstanding position as a video calling app. This is because it has a video call feature with which Facebook friends can converse with each other. Since Facebook is actually the most popular social networking media in the world currently, then its text chatting app which comes with a video call feature also remains the best and most popular too.
  • WhatsApp: A lot of people see WhatsApp as just a communication media which permits them to simply send messages or receive messages. On WhatsApp too photos, videos and documents can be shared. Regardless of all this, if you haven’t tried making a video call on WhatsApp then you aren’t gaining full advantage of the app. WhatsApp isn’t just a messenger app for text chatting, video calls can be made on WhatsApp too.
  • Google Duo: This is a very nice video chat mobile app developed by Google. This video call app allows users to make video calls in high definition and optimized too for low bandwidth networks. On duo too, end to end encryption is enabled also by default. This is one of the best video calling app. You should note also that it is based on phone number and therefore allows users to call someone from their contact list.

More Info On Top Video Calling Apps For Android

  • Skype: Another outstanding video calling app is skype. It offers even both video calling and making of voice calls too. Video call to a group of about 25 persons can be made on skype too. More also it offers free voice messages, text chat, emoticons and so on.
  • IMO: This is another clean and easy to use video calling app. Due to it’s quality video calling feature, it has become very popular too and very many persons prefer the app to make video calls. Aside from making video calls, you can also chat with people on IMO.
  • Viber Messenger: This messenger app definitely should be on the list of the most popular and best video calling app currently. With this messenger app, you are sure of getting a very good and quality face to face communication with people. Now, this is a messenger app, as such it, therefore, means that aside from the video call functionality, you can as well text chat with people on Viber messenger.

More On The List

  • JusTalk
  • Hangouts
  • LINE
  • Tango

Its time you embrace another measure of communication and video calling wouldn’t be a bad one. These video calling apps surprisingly are free and you can make your choice from any of them. All that is required of you is to get a good internet connection to start making calls. The video calling apps listed here are available for android devices and you can easily download them from Play Store, install them on your device, and thereafter open to start using them.

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