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How to Create a Poll On Telegram – Not many instant messaging social media apps have the poll creation feature. Telegram does and it’s exciting and pretty easy to use especially for those on Telegram channels or groups.

Telegram channels can contain hundreds of people. Decision-making/ taking or analyzing can be very tough with such a huge amount of number online. The Telegram poll tool can help with this, by creating a poll on Telegram, you can find out easily how people on Telegram feel about an issue.

how to create a poll on telegram

Creating a Telegram Poll

Telegram polls are created via a Telegram bot which makes the process a whole lot easier because the bot basically gives instructions on every step to take while creating a poll. When creating Telegram polls, the minimum amount of answers needed is 2 and there is no limit to how many you can fill in.

Furthermore, you can create different kinds of polls on Telegram, below are how to go on about it.

How to Create a Public/Private Poll

After finalizing about the questions and answers your poll will be containing, open the Telegram app, and in the search bar, type @vote bot.

  • Tap on the bot to start it.
  • Select the “Public” option if you’d like to create a public Telegram poll. If you’d like to keep your identity hidden, select the “Private” option.
  • Fill in the question as directed by the bot.
  • Next, the answers. Remember; a minimum of two.
  • Type “Done” once you are okay with the poll.
  • Choose the groups or channels you’d like to publish the poll to.
  • Hit the “Publish” button.

To check the poll’s result, tap on the “Update Results” button under the @vote chatbot icon.

Multiple Answers

This kind of Telegram poll allows more than one option to be picked as answers to your poll. When you create this kind of poll, a single user can pick multiple answers to your question.

Quiz Mode

Quiz mode is not a poll per se, it’s more of a question and answer session. A poll with multiple questions, that’s what Quiz mode offers.

How to Create Multiple Answers or Quiz Mode Polls

  • Open the Telegram app on your device.
  • Locate and select the channel or group you want to create the poll in.
  • Tap on the attachment tab. Then select “Poll” from the list of options present there.
  • Next, choose “Multiple Answer” or “Quiz Mode” depending on the type of poll you’d like to create.
  • Fill in the question(s) and the answers.
  • Then hit the “Create” button to publish it.

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