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How to Contact Facebook Directly – Being a Facebook user is great, you get to use a lot of interesting Facebook features. However, you also have to understand that you are bound to experience one or two issues while using any of these various Facebook services.

Consequently, you would definitely need to contact Facebook through its customer help service.

How to Contact Facebook Directly

Report to Facebook

As cool as Facebook is, it can be very nasty sometimes. When you come across a post or an activity on Facebook that you can’t look past, report it to Facebook;

  • Locate and click on the three dots at the top of the activity i.e posts, page, group, and so on.
  • Select “Give Feedback” or “Report” from the menu that pops-up.
  • Next, specify how the chosen Facebook activity offends you or goes against Facebook standards. Follow Facebook prompts to complete this process.

Facebook Community Centre 

Given your issue isn’t that dire and as such is common among Facebook users, you should visit the Facebook community center. Using a web browser, locate its web address with the URL

Type in a keyword relating to your issues on the search tab at the top of the page. Unless the problem you are facing with Facebook is distinct to only you which is nearly impossible, you should find a question or comment here relating to it.

Facebook Help Centre

This is the place to find a solution regarding that distinct problem you are facing with a particular Facebook service. On a web browser, type in the URL

Then proceed to select a section that best describes your Facebook dilemma. You could also use the search icon at the top of the page to easily locate what you are searching for.

Facebook Phone Number

As a last resort, contact this Facebook mobile number. This doesn’t mean there is an assurance it will go through.

Facebook Customer Support: +1-866-380-3888.

Facebook Customer Care: +1-866-216-7161.

In order to get positive results when contacting Facebook customer care service, do so in the morning (U.S time zone) and via your registered Facebook mobile number.

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