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Facebook Pay Limit – Facebook pay is a great feature for sending and receiving money among friends on Facebook. The peer-to-peer payment system was developed by Facebook as a way to support the transfer of money on the Facebook platform.

It’s more of an e-wallet system than a regular payment platform or a money account thus it’s quite limited. Basically, the service just supports sending regular-sized money to friends through some very easy steps.

facebook pay limit

Does Facebook Pay Have Limits?

Aside its transfer limits, there are still some rules guiding the use of this notable Facebook feature. Let’s go through some very important ones;

  • To use Facebook pay you have to be 18 or older and have a valid Facebook account.
  • You’d have to provide your payment credentials before attempting to use this service. On using the service, for some specific kind of transaction, you might be required to provide additional details.
  • Although Facebook pay is free, there might be additional fees like taxes especially if you are paying for something.
  • You are responsible for charges from third-party services or banks on any transaction.
  • Facebook is also not liable for a payment dispute between you and another individual. You can contact Facebook customer service to try and rectify the issue but there is no knowing that will work.

More On Facebook Pay Terms

  • Facebook pay is only concerned with dealing with your transactions and as such are not merchants or middlemen in any transaction made. They can’t make warranties or returns on transactions or purchased products and services.
  • Facebook pay only functions in the U.S at least, for now. Thus do not attempt to make payments to other countries or make transactions that will violate the U.S trading law.
  • If you do request a refund and one is issued to you; Facebook pay can only make refunds to a valid bank account.
  • If you notice strange actions on your Facebook pay account, make sure to notify Facebook within 30 days of the occurrence.

Facebook Pay Transfer Limit?

There are no official statements from Facebook on anything about maximum and minimum transfer you can make via its payment service. Consequently, we will suggest while using this service, you keep it simple and normal. Facebook is free to take disciplinary actions on your account.


To check out more of Facebook’s pay terms and conditions, go to terms.

Is Facebook Pay Safe?

Facebook encrypts payment and user info. It also ensures transactions are made safely by prompting you to confirm your identity anytime you want to make a transaction using its service.

Be diligent with your Facebook pay info, device, do not click on unknown links, and do not offer to send or make donations to persons or groups of people you do not know. Facebook pay is an average fish in a sea of numerous online money transfer services so the risk of hackers or fraudsters targeting its users is quite low.

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