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How To Change Your Name On Facebook – This article will help you to understand the approach with which you can change your name on Facebook. Changing your name though on FB is something every FB user is allowed to do few times, so that action should be done with caution. As an FB user, Your name ordinarily is your major identity and even in real life scenarios, it is with your name that people will get to identify you as an individual.

For the fact that people identify you with your name, this is enough reason why you should make a good name while creating a Facebook account for yourself. More also it is very necessary you make adjustments if need be. There are very many reasons why one would really want to make a change of name on FB, it differs in individuals. Yours may not be the same with that of your friend. Every FB user gets an opportunity from time to time to make changes in their name to what suits them as said earlier.

Once you change your name on FB, it isn’t something that hides and this means that your Facebook friends will get to notice or observe that you changed your name. It isn’t just all about changing your name, changing it and using your real name is advisable as it will help people find you easily on the FB platform when they search for you.

How To Change Your Name On Facebook

To avoid the abuse of the name changing on FB, Facebook allows all its users to edit and change their names after 60days from the time they made the last changes. Before you get on with this, it is very important you review the Facebook name standard first of all. Now see the further steps below on how to change the name that appears on your Facebook profile below:

  • Log in to your Facebook account. You can decide to log in your account on the Facebook app or using a web browser.
  • Next, find settings
  • Click on ”Personal information” or ”General settings”
  • Click on ”Name”
  • Then enter your name and click on ”Review changes”
  • Finally, enter your Facebook account password and click on ”Save changes”.

That’s the simple guide to aid you to change your name on FB. There isn’t any complexity or difficulty in getting this done if you carefully follow the steps as shown above.

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