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Change Facebook Page Name – Creating pages on Facebook is another amazing feature FB puts in place for its users. Guess what then? Any page created on Facebook, its name can be edited and changed. There are so many other features and offers which FB users enjoy aside connectivity with friends and creation of pages. On Facebook, groups can be created too, one can play instant games and so on.

Facebook pages mostly are like a very wonderful opportunity for individuals to promote their products and services using the social media platform. So at any point, you rebrand your services and offers. Knowing fully well that you want to promote your brand on FB, instead of going ahead to start afresh with a new Facebook page, you can easily change your page name with the new name which you want.

This content contains very useful and straight forward information that FB users having a page on the platform can use to easily change their page name. For the fact that FB puts up this feature on its platform, as an FB user you can change your page name at any specific time. FB though is still very strict with how name of pages can be changed on its platform. All users are not allowed to use abusive words which violate the right of all other users on the platform.

Steps To Change Facebook Page Name

The steps you can follow to change your page names on Facebook is extremely simple. Just kindly read through and grasp the full information as shown in this content below:

  • Open a browser and visit
  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Then go to your Facebook Page and furthermore tap ‘’More’’
  • At this point, tap ‘’Edit Page’’ and also tap ‘’Page Info’’. Now Edit the Page Name.
  • Input or enter a new name then and tap ”Continue Request Changes”.

With these steps, if followed properly all Facebook users having a page on the platform can change their page names to what they desire.

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