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Let me take you through a fresh keyword that will really interest you and I am sure you will certainly enjoy knowing facts about the Google Wifi. Now, what is Google wifi because I believe very many persons are getting to hear about it for the very first time.

A mesh-capable wireless router that Google developed, that what Google Wifi is. This was announced on the 4th of October 2016 and furthermore released in the united state of America on Dec 5th, 2016. Later on further international rollout regarding the Google service followed with UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Philippines.

Google Wifi Features

Google Wifi was praised significantly for its design, performance and setup process and, therefore, received mostly positive reviews. Now see below for its features:

  • Automatically Wifi switches between access points depending on signal strength. Wifi can be purchased as a multi-pack and as a single unit.
  • It features 802.11ac connectivity with 2.4Hz and 5GHz channels, 2×2 antennas and furthermore supports beamforming.
  • Furthermore, its features are with inclusion of two gigabit Ethernet ports, and also contains a quad-core processor with a whole 512MB RAM with 4GB flash memory.

What Google Wifi Aims To Provide?

This Google service is aimed at providing enhanced Wi-Fi coverage through the setup of multiple wifi devices in a home. For a clearer understanding, it is a very new Wi-Fi system for home that replaces your traditional router. It goes further to provide seamless and reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. Though you will still need an internet provider (ISP) and a modem to connect to the internet.

How Wi-Fi Access Can Be Controlled

This Wi-Fi access can be controlled through a companion mobile app. The mobile app selectively controls Wi-Fi access.

Google Wifi App

Downloading the Google wifi app. This Google wifi companion app is most needed for you to set up your Wifi points and also access to its features. The app is very compactable with devices running Android 4.0 and above. More also iOS 10 and above. Now to download the app, the most preferable place to get it is your device’s app store. For Android devices, Google play store and for iOS devices apple app store. To download app then:

  • Visit the app store
  • Search for Google wifi app
  • Click on the app when it shows up, download and install app then.

In case you need something simple but very effective, then Google Wifi is what you need to get high speed and uninterrupted network connection.

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