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Facebook Valentine Avatar – Love is in the air and if you are not careful you might get hit by an arrow. Valentine’s day enables us to express our love for partners and close ones to the fullest regard.

“There is no limit to what you can do for a person given you love the person. Without love, it ain’t really worth it”. A saying I heard once upon a time from a wise man.

facebook valentine avatar

Valentine On Facebook

Online dating is skyrocketing every day, amassing users daily, so is Facebook dating. Not just the Facebook dating feature but a huge load of people have very life-defining relationships on Facebook.

Facebook has developed a lot of features to help maintain and enhance relationships on its social media platform. Facebook dating being at the top of that list of features, there is also the Facebook avatar on that list.

Facebook Avatar

Prior to the release of the Facebook Avatar feature on the 13th of May 2020, Facebook informed users that this feature will enhance communication on its site. Facebook spokespersons further analyzed how Facebook avatars would change and develop how we express ourselves on Facebook.

Months later after its well-accepted launch, it has done as predicted and so much more. Almost everyone on Facebook has at least an avatar and on one or more occasions has used it as an emoji or sticker to try to communicate a message to someone.

This February, given you, have a Facebook avatar, you can express your feelings in a distinct way for your loved ones.

How to Create a Facebook Valentine Avatar

Facebook avatars are easy to create but since you are going to be creating this one to celebrate Valentine’s day, you might want to put in the work to make it look great.

Update your Facebook app and sign in to your Facebook account.

  • Check the hamburger or ellipsis menu at the top right corner for a tab tagged “Avatar” or “See More” > “Avatar”.
  • Next, start the creation process. What you want to do is to instill the Valentine or Love design in it. Create an avatar that screams “Love”.
  • Creating an avatar is done step by step, so make sure not to miss out on any details.

After creating your Facebook avatar for Valentine’s day celebration, you can post it or start sending it as emojis or stickers to your friends and loved ones. Although I’d wait till the d-day if I were you.

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