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The keyword under consideration here is Facebook Night Mode. As an individual what do you really understand as Facebook night mode? A lot of people have ideas about it and currently, some are still getting to know more about it. This can actually be your great opportunity to get to understand what it entails. This article will benefit you a lot since it is going to educate you on Facebook night mode settings for both Android and iOS devices and how to also activate the mode too.

FB Night Mode

Now answering the question of what Facebook night mode is. Facebook night mode is also referred to as Facebook dark mode. This is a very unique ad amazing feature on the FB platform as said earlier for all FB users. This mode creates a very nice social experience for everyone who applies it while browsing the FB social networking platform. This feature changes the theme or the bright interface of your FB to a dark interface and that is just why it is called dark mode or night mode. Using the FB platform, the mode gives you a smarter and more stylish interface as even the newsfeed, homepage, message inbox and whatever you do on the Facebook platform displays dark.

Aside from the fact that FB night mode is designed to create a very beautiful interface for the FB platform. It goes a long way to do some kind of special and excellent works too. It aids in reducing the rate at which one’s device battery is consumed, it brings about a decrease in the amount of light from the device’s screen which isn’t really good for the human eyes. Now see how you can activate Facebook night mode for both Android ad iOS devices below:

Steps To Activate FB Night Mode For Android

  • Install and open the Facebook mobile app on your Android device
  • Go to ‘’Settings’’
  • Then tap ‘’General’’ from the drop-down menu
  • What follows next is to click on ‘’Themes’’
  • Lastly, from the list of themes that displays to you, carefully select ‘’AMOLED’’

Steps To Activate Facebook Night Mode For iOS

  • Open the Facebook app
  • Go over to ‘’Settings’’
  • Next is to Click on ‘’General’’
  • Then get to ‘’Accessibility’’
  • What follows is to click on ‘’Display Accommodations’’
  • Still on the process, click on ‘’Invert Colors’’
  • Click on the ‘’Smart Invert’’ switch (toggle it). Now this enables or activates the dark mode (Night Mode).

These are the simple steps one can follow to activate FB night mode for both Android and iOS devices.

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