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Facebook Dark Mode Settings – The dark mode for FB is like one of the best and most helpful innovations brought down by FB for its users to have a very awesome, smart and stylish experience browsing the Facebook platform.

You have to understand that FB dark mode isn’t just all about its looks as it goes beyond that. Dark mode on Facebook really creates a very cool social experience for FB users. It creates a dark interface which reduces glare certainly whenever you are using the Facebook app as an FB user. I know what you are majorly looking out to in this content is to learn how you could enable dark mode on Facebook on your device, android to be precise.

Facebook Dark Mode Settings

Talking about your device battery capacity. From due research, it has shown that using dark mode, it significantly draws very little power or energy using the Facebook platform. Particularly for devices using AMOLED screen, where pure black pixel are switched off, this is the true and fact. Your mobile device will definitely last for a longer time when you swap from Facebook bright interface to something dark using the Facebook platform. Having that in mind, then you should really check out how to enable dark mode on Facebook.

Dark mode is really very amazing and a lot of people haven’t understood how important it is using dark mode on any platform even aside Facebook. Currently, this mode is used on several other platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, and others. Individuals have really brought into consideration the effect of very bright light on the eyes or generally sight of people. There is a realization that the dark mode is actually very amazing and seems to be doing perfect work.

Facebook Dark Mode Settings Android

FB dark mode functions like a theme for Android devices. This theme gives a very catchy, cool and distinct look. You are sure of having reduced stress using this mode on your Android device. This mode getting you a longer time frame to spend on Facebook and other social media platforms platform as it doesn’t consume a lot of energy from your device battery as said earlier is a very great offer. This content as said will, therefore, show you how to enable this mode on your android device. Therefore kindly see how to go about that below:

  • Right on your Android device, locate ‘’Settings’’ To do this, click on the drop-down menu which has three horizontal lines.
  • The next step is to tap on ‘’General’’
  • What follows is to go to ‘’Theme’’
  • From the options of themes that display, Click ‘’AMOLED’’ and this enables Facebook dark mode on your Android device.

Using this mode, you are very sure of having a very wonderful social experience using the Facebook platform since the mode creates a cool and friendly user interface for all FB users.

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