Facebook Messenger Dark Mode – How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger Dark Mode – Facebook undoubtedly is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the world. It puts up features and good innovations too to make its users enjoy the platform. Talking about Facebook messenger, it is an instant messenger app with which users can converse with each other. Users of Facebook messenger app has always been very conversant with the light mode. Now Facebook has made available the dark mode feature on Facebook messenger too.

Talking about dark mode on Facebook messenger, what is it all about? Dark mode is a very wonderful theme which is designed to give or change your messenger app interface with a beautiful and unique look. You have to note also that this mode doesn’t in any way change the features and even the functionalities of your Facebook messenger app. What it does is to give it a beautiful and attractive look.

Aside from the fact that dark mode gives the messenger app a very beautiful and attractive look, there are other important reasons for this very theme. The dark mode changes the interface of the messenger app to a black appearance. Most people though to this effect refer to it as ”Night Mode” too. The dark mode reduces the amount of light which enters the eyes from the messenger app which may cause eye damage. More also, the dark mode helps you to save your battery as it reduces battery life consumption.

How To Activate Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

  • Open your messenger app
  • Click on your profile picture on the app
  • You will see a switch icon also with dark mode written on it
  • Click on the switch and once you do that, you will then immediately switch to dark mode.

With the steps above, if followed appropriately, you can enable dark mode on your messenger app.


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