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Facebook Avatar – Facebook has always been a very great platform and it continues to improve its features and services to make the platform more enjoyable for its users. Talking about Facebook avatar it is a new and wonderful feature that Facebook launched and this feature is really a very important one. It saves you the stress of prolonged conversation, and writing of texts, and thereby making your conversations faster and easier.

Facebook Avatar Emoji

I am sure you will want to know about Facebook avatar. Facebook avatars are simply cartoon characters which are used for communication on Facebook and created using Facebook avatar creator. As a Facebook user, you can get to create this avatar for yourself. You can choose accessories, hairstyle, skin tone, the color of the eye, and many more for your avatar.

Choosing what describes you the most will help you create a very wonderful avatar for yourself. Facebook avatars are free to create. With your Facebook app and you can always create for yourself an avatar that suits you. With these avatars, you can always get to engage with people better of in passing your message than the normal emoji. This feature is really very important as it can be made use of anywhere you can use texts on Facebook. You can use this feature in making comments, profile, and stories on Facebook.

This amazing Facebook feature, most people though think that there is a special avatar creator app with which people can create an avatar on Facebook. The fact is that there isn’t such app but rather there is also a piece of good news. What could this be then? The avatar creator feature can be accessed on the Facebook app as it is embedded into the main Facebook app. This, therefore, means that as a Facebook user, you can create your own avatar directly from the Facebook app. For already registered Facebook users, you can always go ahead and use this very amazing new Facebook feature.

See How To Create Your Facebook Avatar

You can simply do this on Facebook app simply and with ease. In this content, we will be taking this in two ways. Since the Facebook avatar creation is embedded into the main Facebook app. It means that it is therefore available for both Android and iOS devices. As such we will be looking into how to create your own avatar on Facebook depending on the kind of device you make use of. See how to go about it below:

For Android Devices

  • Launch the Facebook app
  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Then tap on the menu icon with three horizontal lines located just at the top right corner of your homepage
  • Scroll down then and tap ”See More”
  • Choose ”Avatars” then and select ”Next;’’. Thereafter click on ”Get Started’’

For iOS Devices

  • Open your Facebook app on your iOS device and sign in to your Facebook account
  • Tap on the three-lined icon just at the top right corner of your Facebook News Feed page
  • Then you can now scroll down and tap ”See More’’
  • Click on ”Avatars’’ and choose ”Next’’ then furthermore proceed to click on ”Get Started’’

That is a very simple guide on how you can go about this and hope you found the content interesting too.

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