Facebook Avatar Not Available|Why Can’t I Create A Facebook Avatar – Reasons & Solution

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Facebook Avatar Not Available – The Facebook avatar feature is arguably the most interesting feature released on Facebook as of last year. It was first released in some countries across Europe on the 13th of May 2020 and since then has not slowed down considering it is now globally available to the Facebook community.

Facebook avatar is Facebook’s way of supporting us through the pandemic and lockdown, giving us a new item that brings out the fun in us. Altogether, the feature is quite impressive unless you can’t create a one.

facebook avatar not available

What is Facebook Avatar?

If you know Bitmoji, the Facebook Avatar is just Facebook’s version of it. It enables Facebook users to be able to create cartoon images of themselves or anyone. This is done by using a tool on Facebook.

This tool has been a lot of names, among them is the Facebook Avatar Maker. It is located in a tab named “Avatar” in the hamburger menu on Facebook.


Facebook personnel reportedly said that this feature will improve how we communicate on Facebook. Exactly, what it has done; these avatars can be used as stickers, profile or cover photos and can also be used as posts on Facebook.

Creating a Facebook Avatar

All you have to do to get one of these is to locate the Facebook Avatar Maker or Creator. It’s located in the hamburger menu in the Facebook mobile app.

Once you open the hamburger menu, scroll down and select “Avatar” from among the numerous list of tabs. It will open up and then you can start creating one.

Facebook Avatar Not Available – What to Do?

As I earlier stated, this feature is fun unless you can’t create a one which means the Facebook avatar is not available to you. Here are proven solutions you could try in this situation.


Update Your Facebook App

The Facebook avatar maker only comes with the recent version of the Facebook app. That stated, proceed to your device’s app store and update the Facebook app on your device.

Delete and Reinstall the Facebook App

If the above instruction seems to have no effect, try this out. Troubleshoot the Facebook app by deleting it, restarting your device, and then re-downloading the Facebook app.

Check your network connection

A bad internet connection would result in the Facebook avatar maker crashing and refusing to open. It will keep at this until the network is good so you might want to work on your network first.

Facebook Avatar Availability

This is available to almost all Facebook users in the world from Europe to Asia and Africa. But there are still some regions where this exquisite feature is not ready or available.

In this case, there is nothing you can do except wait and hope Facebook releases the feature to that region soon.

Other Reason

The last but not the least reason Facebook Avatar is not available or working on your Facebook app might be as a result of problems or glitches from Facebook. Another reason clearly above your strength meaning you’d have to be patient with them.

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