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Do you know that you can edit your name on your Facebook account and make changes? Of course, you can and if you have intentions of doing this, you have to read this content. Changing your name on your Facebook profile isn’t wrong at all. It happens to be an option which you can take to make a better choice of name if you aren’t comfortable with the one you are making use of.

Before we go further with learning how you can edit your name though and make changes. Let me bring to your notice that Facebook has its standard for naming and it will be really very important that you get to review and understand everything about it. Have you thought or wondered how helpful it will be when you make use of your real name on Facebook? In creating your Facebook account, Facebook advises its users to use their real name. It is definitely a very good or even the best option as it helps in easy identification. With your real name, people who know you before will be able to recognize you when they come across your profile on the platform and this in turn brings about easy connectivity.

Let’s see a very important fact which you have to note also here. On Facebook, at any point in time you make changes in your name, before you can make further changes in later times, you will have to wait for a period of 60 days. More also in a situation where you change your Facebook name more than twice, it extends the time to 120 days before you will be able to make changes again. It is very important that you note this before you make any changes.

See How To Edit Name On Facebook Account | Change Facebook Name

Many persons have different reasons why they change their Facebook name, well, no matter what the reason may be, you can do that if you want to. In changing your name on your Facebook account, all you need is simply the right procedure and you would be able to get that done. See below for the steps to follow in order to do that:

  • To first thing to do is log in to your Facebook account
  • What follows is to click on ‘’Settings’’ at the top right of your Facebook page
  • Then choose name
  • Next, go further to enter the new name which you desire to use
  • Furthermore, click on ‘’Review Change’’
  • At this point, enter your Facebook password
  • Finally, click on ‘’Save Changes’’

Once you are able to follow the procedure shown above, you will able to edit your Facebook name and then get your name changed.

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