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Hello WhatsApp lovers. WhatsApp status saver is now available for all WhatsApp users. This app is meant for users to save pictures, videos, texts, and Gif uploaded by individuals on your contact list as their status. This saver, therefore, gets people’s files directly to your phone and this is wholly because you store files directly to your device k using the status saver.

Statuses of all your WhatsApp contacts ordinarily are meant to display for a complete 24hours time frame. That aside every WhatsApp users also have the full right without any form of restriction to delete all status at any point in time even before the 24hours elapses. Status saver here creates a form of continuity to enable you to view and use other people’s files if they interest you.

As a WhatsApp user, the posts you save using this file saver can be used for reference purposes and also you can repost them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and lots of other social media platforms out there.

Feature Of Whatsapp Status Saver

  • Whatsapp status saver is very simple and easy to use
  • This app has both save, share and delete enabling feature
  • The App supports media players
  • It has an enabling feature of sharing files to external drives
  • It deletes and saves status uploaded know Whatsapp both offline and online.
  • Whatsapp status saver is absolutely user-friendly
  • The status saver has no ads displaying and as such no form of disturbances while using the app

Steps On How To Use Status Saver

See made easy steps on how to use WhatsApp status saver:

  • First of all, look out for your desired image which you want to save
  • To save the file then to your gallery, click on the Save icon then.
  • Always swipe to Downloads to see the videos or Pictures you saved.

Download Saver For Android And iOS phones

To simply download Whatsapp for Android phones, you can just visit the play store. Here you only have to search for Whatsapp status saver using the play store Search box. Once the app comes up from the search result, click on it and download it to your phone.

To Download this status saver for iOS phones, just visit the App Store.
Status saver is an app you really need to keep the memories of contents and statuses of your WhatsApp contact. Go get your favorite and most amazing videos and photos of your friends and well-wishers at ease with the status saver. This application also provides you with multi save feature to get many files at the same time.

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