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WhatsApp app free download – WhatsApp is a social media application that uses the internet as an alternative to SMS text system. This platform was founded in 2009. Its main purpose is texting although there are extra features to it which makes the application more interesting.

This very social networking platform is most preferred by very many smartphone users around the world because of how safe informations conveyed on the platform is kept. Whatsapp doesn’t joke with encrypting your messages end to end. That’s just so wonderful, isn’t it? Guess what, you can even download this app freely with little or no charge. An app for all with very friendly features that’s what WhatsApp is. As a matter of fact, you feel at home conversing with people on WhatsApp and this channel of communication works every minute of the day unless you get cut off by not having a good internet connection.


  • Video calling: the most wonderful feature of this platform is the very video call icon on every conversation page with any of your contacts. Clicking on the icon, therefore, puts up a face to face communication with any friend at all.
  • Voice call: the same way the video call icon is placed on the top part of your conversation page with a friend, very close to the video call icon is also the voice call icon too which once you click on it will enable you to communicate with a friend if and only if there is a good network connection.
  • Status page: this is a kind of page that allows you to upload pictures and videos of your choice. You can also write texts and upload them as your status. Now every upload you make stays visible for everyone on your contact list to view till a whole period of 24hours elapse. On your own too you may decide to delete the upload on your own free will and at any point in time.
  • Contact List: This a list of people’s numbers you save on your phone. Now WhatsApp confines the user’s texting to only their contact list.
  • Themes and wallpapers: this app has nice themes and wallpapers to make your texting experience colorful.
  • Status Saver: This is an attached feature with a separate app that allows you to save other WhatsApp users status to your phone. To get this app just visit the Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp status saver and download to your phone. This isn’t the full WhatsApp features though, but you will get to see more when you start using the app.

How To Download Whatsapp Free To Your Android Device

  • Open play store on your phone
  • Search for Whatsapp
  • Click on app when it shows
  • Download app then
  • Finally, install app.

Uses Of WhatsApp

  • Like its features, its use is mainly to facilitate communication
  • Can be used also to make audio, send files, documents, and photos
  • It can be used to communicate information to a large number of people at once. This means that you can create a group chat on the platform.

Unlike any other social media application out there, WhatsApp seems more private. It only allows the user to text people in their contact list, therefore, you can hardly find an unknown person on your chat list. Don’t forget that whatsApp app gives you an open ground for free download, so go get the app now.

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