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Update Google Play – the way you feel about things regarding technology and how you can get to solve arising issues also concerning it is our utmost concern. To this effect, we are always willing to offer you very relevant informations on how to solve these issues. There is one very good thing you have to note and this is the fact that the steps we give are very made easy steps. Now in this context, you are sure to learn some new things too about this play store and how to make an update for Google Play.

We urge you to get the fear of not being able to do this off your mind. This update can be done simply and very fast even more than you can imagine. We are firmly behind you on this as google play necessarily needs to be updated most times when the need comes up as it is applicable to very many other apps out there. This, in turn, gets you up to date and very current too.

Reasons To Update Google Play

Fact remains that the world keeps evolving rapidly as the day goes by. What this entails is that what is obtainable yesterday may be outdated tomorrow. Then to enable you from not missing out from opportunities. There is a need that you have to update this app as it also keeps you very current on what is trending in the technology world. More also this very update grants you the access to use the very new features of Google play and also the recent apps on the app that you may desire to get.

Steps To Get This Done

  • To start up the Google play updating procedure. The very first thing you have to do is to get your android mobile phone turned on.
  • Secondly, you go ahead and unlock your mobile phone. This only takes place if your mobile phone is locked but in case it isn’t, just swipe through your home screen and continue.
  • Furthermore, you have to find the google play. To help you identify it quickly, this app looks like a little shopping bag with a very beautiful logo having different colors.
  • Now you go on and tap on the app to open the app

More On The Steps

  • Once you have opened the app. The question is what do I have to do next right? Now at the left part of the play store in the search bar on the app, simply click on the slide menu tab.
  • Scroll down then a little and find settings. Click on it when you find it.
  • At this point, you have to find the About section. To this effect, you have to carefully scroll till you get to the bottom of the app settings where you will find it. Here is the place you find the play store on your phone. Tap anywhere then on the play store version to confirm if the app is updated.
  • If at all the update isn’t available. You will always get a notification from Google play app to perform this task. I am sure you will be wondering how Google play app gets to know your app is outdated. The truth is just that this app is always up to date. Furthermore, it just begins immediately if there is an update that has to be downloaded.

Finally being able to go through this easy made procedure will do you a great good. You tend to have the newest version of Google play actively running on your Android device.

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