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Have you been wondering how best to download the Twitter app for your Android device free? You have an article that will guide you here and clearly show you the steps you can follow to download Twitter app. Before we get on with the steps though, it is very important that you get some few facts and about what Twitter is.

A social networking and microblogging service, that is what twitter is. On Twitter, with the use of mobile phones or computers, users send and read messages which are called tweets. On Twitter, tweets could be up to 140 characters long for years. In November 2017, it then doubled to 280 characters. On this platform, tweets can usually be read by anyone but senders also can keep messages private. For private tweets, they go only to their list of friends. On twitter, users may subscribe to tweets from other people. This is what is referred to as ”following’’. More also, subscribers are known as ”followers’’.

Twitter as a social networking media offers a whole lot of benefits. This platform provides users the ability to share information. On twitter, as a user, you can post updates, news, events, jokes and all others. Twitter being a very wonderful platform allows users to stay connected, stay informed about recent happenings and more also promotion of business and organizations. Now you see that Twitter is a very wonderful social networking web application.

How To Download Twitter App For Android Devices

If you wish to download the Twitter app free for your Android device, then the steps below will do you great good to achieving that. See below for the steps on how to do that:

  • Open Google Play Store on your device
  • Search For Twitter App
  • Click on Twitter App once it displays
  • Click Install
  • Once the download completes, you can now click Open to gain access to the app.

Now you see that it is very easy to download the app, you can get the app and start making use of it.

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