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Dear distinguish Facebook user, have you played the quiz planet game on facebook messenger app? If not then you definitely need to get back to Facebook gameroom, get it installed and check out this amazing game. The Facebook App becomes even more interesting and fun to use with the gameroom feature being made available for all its users. Games put up a good tendency of making friends spend a whole lot of time therefore without getting bored at any point at all.

The Facebook messenger quiz planet game here under consideration is a game every FB user really needs to play because of its great value and importance. These are some of the values quiz planet game attaches to you:

  • It’s a game for testing your knowledge
  • It improves your thinking and enhances your reasoning
  • It helps in working on your Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

All these as mentioned above are actually really pointed down to one thing. This is knowing the true fact that the quiz planet game on Facebook messenger app is educating.

Currently, this very game is one of the most outstanding trivia games gamers play on FB. Pointing out statistically there are about 7.8million Facebook gamers playing quiz planet game. It’s so essential you join the queue and get to realize why everyone is rushing to play this very game.
In Quiz planet game, there is room for game challenge. This means that you can go ahead and challenge friends who are also lovers of games and are currently playing this game. This aids you regarding increasing your gaming skills and even tends to make you smarter than you can ever imagine in your whole lifetime gaming experience.

There are countless sections of the quiz planet game on messenger. To play the game you are to choose a section from these sections below:

  • Celebrities
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Body and Soul
  • Politics
  • Art
  • Custom and tradition
  • TV shows and series
  • Beauty
  • Fashion etc.

Now you see there are lots of sections made available by FB for this very game. This is aimed at creating a room for you to fix in yourself in a section that interests you the more. Haven selected at least one from the sections given, you are faced with five questions of which three options appear before. You just to take the right answer and thereafter you get a rocket.


Now you have to get rid of that thinking which you have kept over the years about messenger being an app only for text chatting. You can achieve very many other values by using the messenger app. It has very many values and the quiz planet game is one of the values here. It’s a game you can go ahead now and play after you’ve understood how to play it from the steps here. See the Steps below:

  • Get yourself messenger readily available on your mobile phone or PC
  • The next step to take is to log in your FB account to the messenger app correctly
  • Click on the search box and search for instant games. You find this very quiz planet game when you click on the first result that shows up from the search you made and start playing your game from there.

In case you don’t find the quiz planet game through this very procedure you can check this next one here. It’s also very easy to access this way.

  • Make a distinct search of quiz planet game and start playing the game from there.


There is absolutely no point relaxing when there are hints or cheats you can use to always have a win while playing the quiz planet game. A very good number of gamers withdraw from playing this game every day because it looks fairly difficult and complex to play most times. Now check out this made easy hint on how to play the game because it will do you great good.

  • The first cheat is to really select a section of this trivia game that you find so interesting, easy for you and fun. You shouldn’t be compelled to choosing a section that will get you thinking so intensely.
  • There are also chances of making use of robots. This is a very good cheat in finding answers. All you have to do is to be a little bit faster.
  • Get answers to questions quickly by using the Google Search engine. You only have to minimize your game and use your desired default browser like google chrome to make the search immediately.

Very many Facebook users who are gamers are actually on the move right now and playing this very game. Do well to use this wonderful cheats then and become a better gamer of this very messenger game.

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