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Looking at the economic crisis in the country, if you want to survive in an inflated country like Nigeria, you need to look out for a legal way to be financially stable in order to survive in such difficult times as this.

As we all know there are a lot of investment platforms out there, the truth remains that not all the online money-making platform are legit or fulfil all their promises. Should in case you are thinking of a good paying online platform to invest on and make profit, I will gladly recommend you to Opay owealth.  

This opay owealth is an online investment feature on Opay that allows you to earn 10% interest on your investment yearly.

Traditional banks usually offer as high as 6%, this should tell you how amazing this feature from Opay is. Every interest accrued on your Owealth wallet will is compiled yearly and credited daily.

We are going to discuss in this article some vital features in this Opay Owealth, so, if you are interested in this investment platform known as Opay Owealth stayed tune to this article.

What is Opay?

An Opay is an online mobile transaction in Nigeria owned by Opera software, which is also the owners of the opera mini and wed browser.

Opay was created to help sending and receiving payments as easy as possible. The app is also working in Kenya and South Africa

What is Opay Owealth?

Opay Owealth ia an online investment feature on opay that helps you to earn 10% interest on your investment yearly.

Another good thing about this opay owealth is that while Traditional banks offers 6% to customers, opay owealth offers 10% this should sound amazing to you.

When ever you want to withdraw funds from your owealth wallet, the funds will be transferred to your opay wallet first, then, you can go ahead to withdraw all the cash if you want.

Owealth is powered by blue ridge microfinance bank, an entry regulated by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) and deposit are insured with the Nigeria deposit insurance commission (NDIC)

How to invest in Opay Owealth

If you want to investment in this platform it is very simple, just follow the steps below to get strated:

  • Download the opay app either from Google playstore (For Android) and App store for Iphone
  • Install the app on your phone
  • When you have installed, then create account with opay
  • Sign up to your Opay account
  • Fund your opay wallet account
  • Tab on the icon, read the terms and conditions and accept it.
  • Top up owealth investment
  • Input the amount you want to invest on
  • Tab on the next button
  • then click Confirm

How to withdraw from opay owealth

When you want to withdraw from your owealth wallet, you will have to transfer the cash to your Opay wallet, then, you can withdraw from there.

Take note, the minimum amount you can withdraw from your owealth wallet account is 10 naira, while you don’t have maximum amount for withdrawal.

Is Opay Owealth legit or Scam

This opay owealth platform is legit and not a scam, this because it is owned by a reliable company like Opay, I can attest to this one because I have invested in this business before and I got paid immediately.

The good news is that, you don’t need to do anything to get paid, just do your investment and watch your money multiple. To get 10% of your investment you can give opay owealth a try.  

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