Instagram Dark Mode – How To Enable Instagram Dark Mode | Instagram Dark Mode For Android And iOS

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Instagram dark mode is a different scheme of color which can be used to replace the normal white background on Instagram with shades of either grey color and black. You might be wondering why this dark mode is important and how you can get it, this article will enlighten you on that.

Your phone battery will last longer if you are making use of apps with dark mode. This is because the white background consumes more power than the ones with black background. This is specifically true for mobile phones that makes use of AMOLED screens, that you are not allowed to make use of black background. It has also been confirmed by a lot of people that the dark mode reduces the straining of the eye, especially during the night, as a result of reduced brightness. 

Truth be told, with the dark mode background, Instagram page has this beautiful look on it. And other apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook are already making use of the dark mode system and so is not really a bad idea for people to be able to use it on Instagram too.

As stated by head of Instagram Mr. Adam Mosseri, he revealed when it launched in October the year 2019, that one needs to be operating with the current version of the phone operating system, which are now Android 10 and iOS 13 in order to be able to be enjoying the dark mode system. Now, this article will give you guidelines on how to switch your Instagram to the dark mode system on your iPhone device and your Android mobile phone.

How To Enable Instagram Dark Mode On iOS

If you are making use of the iPhone that is running iOS 13, then follow the guidelines below to be able to change your Instagram to dark mode using its system settings. Don’t forget that this mode is very cool and wonderful as it protects your eye and also saves your battery power. Kindly see the guidelines below:

  • On entering the Settings of the phone click on display and then click on brightness
  • Click on ‘Dark’ to switch the theme of your phone
  • Open your Instagram to confirm the change and start enjoying the dark mode.

How To Enable Instagram Dark Mode On Android

If you are making use of the Android 10 mobile phone, follow the steps below to be able to change your Instagram to dark mode:

  • Enter the Settings in your Android phone
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Display’
  • Click to activate the ‘Dark mode’ theme
  • Open your Instagram to confirm that it has changed to dark mode and then to start enjoying it.

Following the steps accordingly as shown above, then you will find yourself being able to use the dark mode

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