Instagram Dark Mode | How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram on iOS and Android

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Instagram Dark Mode is a new feature on the platform just like the one on Facebook. But the difference is the dark mode on Instagram comes with the latest update to the app and also for smartphones. The latest operating systems now support dark modes, that enable you to turn on and off dark mode on iOS and Android.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram on iOS and Android

Instagram Dark Mode is actually an alternative color scheme that was built to replace the white interface. It comes in shades of black and gray. You might be wondering why dark mode is so important. Right? Well, the dark mode helps most at night, and also it saves your phone battery. Dark mode helps to reduce eye strain, most during the night, due to reduced glare.

This feature looks really good, that I just wondered why they never made it available since. However, the dark mode is optional, which means you can still continue to use the white interface on your device. But you need to try it out. Moreover, you need to be running on the latest operating systems on your device, Android 10, or iOS 13 to enable.

Instagram App

Instagram allows you to connect and make new friends from across the globe. Though it is not a great choice when it comes to making friends, when it comes to photo and video sharing, it is one of the best. But there’s chatting on the platform known as “Instagram Direct”. The app is free and simple to use.


You can actually find inspirations on the app with the Explore section. You can download Instagram apps by opening the app store on your device and entering Instagram. Then select the app and tap on “Install”.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded the app on your device, you have to log in to of course to access the dark mode.

How to Use Instagram Dark Mode

One thing is downloading the app and another is logging in. Because you can use the dark mode without having an account on the platform. Now that brings us to the Login aspect. To log in to Instagram, all you need is the details you use which include your email or mobile number and password.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram

To enable Dark mode on the platform, you will need to update your device’s operating system to iOS 13 or Android 10. And also you need to install the latest Instagram update. 

Instagram Dark Mode


  • Open your iPhone settings.
  • Then select “Display and Brightness”.
  • Tap on “Dark” to change your phone theme.
  • Now, launch your Instagram app.


  • Open the Settings on your Android Device.
  • Then scroll down to the “Display” option.
  • Select the “Dark Theme” toggle to activate it.
  • Now, go on and launch an Instagram app on your device.

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