How to Use The Speed Control Feature on WhatsApp

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Chances are that you’ve had that second where you just wished you could speed up a long voice message so you could move beyond its substance and progress forward with your very own business.

In case you’ve experienced this already, WhatsApp’s speed control include for voice messages is for you.

Speed Control For Voice Notes on WhatsApp

In June 2021, WhatsApp announced the release of its new speed control feature for voice messages.

You can use the feature to make the voice note play up to two times faster by just tapping on an icon while playing the message.


How to Speed Up Voice Messages on WhatsApp

First of all, check if your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version. Then follow the steps below:

  • Open a chat and hit the play button on a voice message.
  • Click the 1x icon to the right of the message to increase the playback speed rate to 1.5x.
  • Tap again to increase speed to 2x. Tapping once more returns it to 1x speed.

Difference means to Use WhatsApp Speed Control

Focusing on a 10-minute message at standard speed to find a detail you may have missed during your first listen can be a desolation, especially when you can’t remember how far into the message the detail was shared.

Close by pulling the progression bar, you would now have the option to use the speed control highlight to fast propel the message to the point you missed.

The component furthermore helps you with conquering messages from moderate talking contacts faster. Speed up the talk rate to x1.5 or x2 to get the substance of the message faster.


You can speed up voice messages on WhatsApp Web moreover. The technique for speeding up messages is near also.


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