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How to Share any Facebook Memories – If you’ve been on Facebook for quite a while, you must have come across old pictures from your profile popping up on your newsfeed. Signed in to Facebook and you find a picture from 2 or 10 years ago.

Pictures are statues or icons of memories and Facebook surely knows how to bring back those memories. Some old pictures you might ignore as they represent a certain kind of memory you do not like and some a unique sense of happiness and as such deserves to be shown to the world.

How to Share any Facebook Memories

How to Share Your Memories On Facebook

Immediately you sign in to Facebook, you will come across the picture or post especially if it was posted to Facebook on that particular day. Just click on the “Share” button below the post thus agreeing to Facebook’s prompt to share the post.

Edit the post and go on to share it. You can choose to share it to your Facebook status or story, Messenger or even Instagram given your Facebook account is linked to your Instagram’s.


Now, what if you are searching for a particular memory i.e old Facebook post? Yep, you can also find those.

How to Find Facebook Memories

Facebook took it upon itself to create a place where all your posts and photos can be found called the Facebook Memories Page.

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.

Via Facebook app

  • Tap on the hamburger menu by the top right corner.
  • Select “Memories” from the list of tabs there.

Via Facebook Web

  • Look to the left side of your newsfeed page and select “Memories” from the menu there.

Navigating the Facebook Memories Page

To make it easier for users to locate that special old posts, Facebook divided them into different sections namely;

  • On This Day; Basically shows you old lovable posts created on a specific day.
  • Friends Made On This Day; This section has a list of friends you made on a particular date from the past, more like a friend anniversary date. “Friends Made On This Day” and “On This Day” are the two types of memories Facebook pushes to your newsfeeds or notifications the most.
  • Recaps Of Memories; This section has all the memories from a particular range of seasons or time.
  • Memories You Have Missed.

These categories contain albums, short videos, and frames designed to engulf numerous Facebook posts. Rather than selecting to share each post one by one, you can share it as an album at once.


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