How to Delete Comment On Instagram | Delete Comment on my Post

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If you find that someone commenting on things that are out of your topic or post on Instagram then you can delete those comments for good. You have a right to remove comments from your post or pin them at the top to give them first priority.

How to Delete Comment On Instagram

You can easily remove your own post comment on Instagram. But you can remove someone’s comment in someone else post. You can only report the comment which you find offensive but you can’t remove them. You only have the authority to delete your own post comments not others.

Besides, you can also delete your own comment as well as others people. And if you want then you can also remove multiple comments at once from the Instagram post.

But remember, once you delete the comment then you can’t undo the changes. So, choose the comments wisely which you never want to see in your post. However, you still have 4 seconds of time left to undo the comment. So you have to act quickly whether you want to undo it or not.

Delete Comment on Instagram on Android

Delete Comment on Instagram on Android

Delete Comment on Instagram on iPhone

open the Instagram app and log in to your account.

  • Go to Profile Icon
  • Select the Post
  • Swipe Left on a comment
  • Select on Delete icon

Delete Comment on Instagram on PC

if you using the web version of Instagram or Instagram web on your PC then you may look at the following steps down below.

  • Open the Browser
  • Visit the Instagram Website
  • Click on Your Profile Icon
  • Select Profile Option
  • Select the Post
  • Click on Message Icon
  • Select the Comment
  • Click on Three Dots
  • Select Delete Option

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