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How To Change Gmail Password – Changing your Gmail password is really very important as it helps you to secure your account. People have different reasons that may prompt them to change of their Gmail password, but for any reason the need arises, you can follow the steps related to you in this article to do so.

Talking about the Gmail password, it is a secret or personal code or login criteria that allows you to access or enter your email account. Your Gmail password is meant for you alone, so it should be guided well. But at any point anyone gets to know your Gmail password, you can go ahead to make a change of password. This password is also a very amazing and powerful tool as it allows you to access other Google products like YouTube, and Gmail too.

How To Change Gmail Password

I’m am going to educate you on three different approaches with which you can adopt to help you change your password anytime you wish to do so. From the three methods I’m going to relate with you here, none of them is with any form of difficulty or complexity when it comes to executing this function. You only need to understand the steps as shown below and follow them appropriately. Now let’s see how to change Gmail password using your Android device, using a computer and finally with the use of an iPhone and iPad.

Change Gmail Password Using An Android Device

  • The first step is to open your Android device and access the device settings then.
  • What follows is to click on Google and furthermore tap on Google account.
  • Next is to tap Security at the top of the page.
  • Under the signing into Google, tap password. At this point, you may need to sign in
  • Finally, create your new password and tap on change password.

How To Change Gmail Password Using Computer

  • The first step is to log in your Gmail account
  • Then click on the settings section and furthermore click Signing in to Google.
  • What follows next is to Select password. You might need to provide your sign in details.
  • Finally, create your new password and click Change password

How To Change Gmail Password Using iPhone And iPad

  • The first step is to open Gmail app right on your iPhone or iPad
  • What follows is to tap on the menu, go to settings
  • Then tap on your account
  • More also tap on manage your account
  • Tap on personal info at the top
  • Tap on password under profile
  • Lastly, create your new password then and click on change password.

Being able to follow the steps appropriately, you will find yourself being able to change your Gmail password successfully. Remember, changing your Gmail password from time to time is a great measure for your account security. This means that doing that regularly helps you to secure your account and keeps it safe. With the new password then, you will now be able to log in or access your Google account.

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