How To Buy And Sell Used Cars On Facebook Marketplace – Buy And Sell Locally On Facebook Marketplace Near Me

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Currently, are you really thinking of how to buy and sell used cars on Facebook marketplace? I think you should get my question so clear because they are two distinct things embedded in one here. For clarity, are you looking for how to sell used cars on Facebook marketplace or are you looking for how to buy used cars on Facebook marketplace? Getting to this platform will definitely teach you how to carry out these two functions. The availability of used cars on Facebook marketplace will really amaze you so much following the fact that there are lots of them there.

Trust me you will get to understand how you will be able to get a used car placed on sell on Facebook marketplace or list out a car for sell on the same marketplace platform on Facebook. Before I proceed, I think it will really be cool that I point out some facts about the Facebook marketplace. It’s good you understand what it means, its functions, and where you can find the marketplace tab.

What’s Facebook marketplace?

This is an online marketplace within the Facebook social networking media that seems very wide and convenient for the buying and selling of products. On this buying and selling platform embedded on the FB platform, it has categories that you can list products like used cars to make sales easily. The marketplace platform on Facebook works every moment and no FB user is restricted to make sales or purchase products from the platform. This simply means that what qualifies you to use the platform is just to get a Facebook account for yourself as an individual.

How To Locate The Facebook Marketplace Tab

The FB marketplace tab is available for all Facebook users using the FB mobile app on devices like Android and iOS. More also for FB users using tablets and more also desktops.

  • For an android device user, to find the FB marketplace icon and browsing the Facebook platform on a mobile application definitely, you find the marketplace tab simply at the top of your FB page among other tabs.
  • For iOS device users, you find the FB marketplace tab at the bottom of your Facebook page.
  • Then for FB users using a web browser, you find the FB marketplace icon on the left hand side of your Facebook page.

Haven understood the places you can locate the Facebook marketplace icon on FB. You can now proceed to learn how you can buy or sell used cars on FB marketplace.

How To Sell Used Cars On Facebook Marketplace

Like I said earlier, buying and selling on the marketplace on Facebook isn’t difficult at all. It is even ideal one starts selling on FB presently due to the fact that Facebook has a very large number of users. Among the users, you can get lots of interested buyers if you wish to sell a used car. See how to make sales of used cars on FB marketplace:

  • Open the marketplace on Facebook
  • The next thing is to click on your camera icon
  • Clicking on your camera icon enables you to choose the photo of the vehicle you wish to sell
  • Once you are done selecting the photo of the used car you wish to sell, you can now upload photo.
  • It is expected that you input details like year, mileage, and model of the car. Also, choose Automatic and manual transmission
  • Click on Next to continue
  • Then input the condition of the car which you wish to place on sell. Example: warranty and accident history of the car
  • Put in the price you wish to sell the car
  • Make selection of where you want the listing to appear and finally click on Post to publish.

How To Buy Used Cars on Facebook Marketplace

I am sure you didn’t find it hard to understand how to sell on Facebook marketplace like in the case of selling used cars as stated earlier. This is simply because it is very easy to do so. On the other hand, buying used cars also from there is also very simple. See how to do that below:

  • Gently scroll down till you find the vehicle category. This is the place you find used cars that are placed on sale.
  • When you find a car you wish to buy, click on ”Message” to send a custom message to the seller.
  • You can also decide to ”Ask for details” This automatically sends the seller a message. The message asks then for the availability of the car from the seller.

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