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Google flights is an online platform specially designed for the purpose of flight booking. This service goes ahead to enhance or facilitate the purchase of airline ticket though it goes on through third party suppliers. The owner of this flights booking service search is Google and its official website is On the 13th of Sept. 2013, this google service was launched for all. There isn’t any form of registration before anyone can start using this Google service.

This software tool functions by searching database of online travel agency and each airline too to determine flight schedule, prices, and seats. In essence, this google service is very reliable in giving everyone in the world first-hand Infos about flights with which you can travel far and near depending on your destination. Now with this service haven been exposed to numerous flights which are meant for your destination, you see airlines that can have you on board. This can be very helpful as you can now compare the prices of tickets for the different airlines. More also take that which is most convenient for you.

What does Google Flights do For You As An Individual?

This is a very relevant part of this article I feel you should concentrate on to get facts about what good you can get from using this google service. See the pros of these Google services below:

  • You can conveniently book for any flight to any destination at ease with this service.
  • There is a possibility of comparing flight ticket prices for different airlines so as to ascertain the one that is best for you.
  • With this Google service, you can always book flight with over 300 airlines and online travel agency partners.

How To Book Flights Using This Google Service

You must understand the fact that this Google flights service doesn’t sell flight tickets to visitors. This is what it does. It directs you over to the appropriate website of the airline where you can appropriately buy your flight tickets. Now I want to enlighten you on how you can go about flight booking and find flight using this Google service. The steps are here below:

  • Visit this Google official website which is
  • Now what follows is to enter your departure airport.
  • Enter your destination too.
  • At the top of your page, choose your ticket type. At the same top part of your page, input the passengers number and also select your cabin class.
  • Click on the calendar and select your flight date.
  • Now choose a flight for each part of your trip.
  • Furthermore, you can now go ahead and book the flight. This action now enables Google flights to redirect you to the appropriate website of an airline or travel agency.

The steps I listed here are very simple and straight forward steps. You just have to relax and take the whole process gently to get a fulfilling result. Now once you are done booking your flight. Go ahead and contact the travel agency which aided you in the flight booking process to get facts about the airline you are going to be traveling with at any point in time.

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