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Hello everyone, let’s get to understand this very app called the google chrome so well, its features and how it works. This very browsing App is regarded as the best and fastest browsing application made available by Google in the world now. The speed at which chrome responds to actions it is instructed to do by users is very fantastic trust me.

This application is used by millions of phone users currently and this is because of the fact that its superb for accessing the internet. Google chrome with timely updates and improves its features and functions to meet up with the desires of its users. Due to the amazing nature of this very app, mobile phones from its original source now come with this browser to save the users of the phone the stress of sorting out to the App.

Features Of Google Chrome App

Google Chrome Has the following functional features:

  • Tabs Minimizing Feature: With this very app that has a very fast pace in Browsing, there is a great tendency and good room for you to minimize tab. This enables you to do several functions at a fixed time and improve your work rate for an effective outcome. Now to do that see the next feature.
  • Open Recently Closed Tabs: Google chrome allows you to open new tabs and go on with your working. It also gives an opportunity to go back and reopen the closed tabs which you left on hold. You can perform this easily by going back to click on the recently closed tag which you left on hold and this action reopens and displays the page again.
  • Saving Webpage as PDF file: Google chrome maintains this outstanding functional feature. It allows its users to saves pages on use as PDF files to their different devices. Do you know what this does for you? It reduces the rate at which you are charged while browsing the internet.
  • Google chrome Calender Extention: You can check out for events that are upcoming with just a click when you have a calendar extension added to your google chrome app. In the toolbar of your chrome, you can add this extension simply as an icon.
  • File Download: If you have never been able to download a file to your device. Chrome enables you to do this very easily and fast without any barrier. This occurs once you connect to a good service provider.
  • Enhanced Password Manager: This app has a very sensitive significant feature that allows you to save password of pages and accounts which you readily access on a normal daily basis.
  • Search engine: Chrome has a good search engine box with which you can easily type in anything what so ever and make searches about different key phrases.

How To Download Google Chrome To Your Mobile Phone or PC

Installing google chrome to your mobile phone or PC is very easy. Just follow the step below to perform the function:

  • Simply locate the play store App on Your mobile phone
  • Search for Chrome
  • Find Chrome and click on it
  • Click install. This finally gets chrome working on your mobile phone.

To Install Chrome On PC

  • Use another browser to search for Google Chrome for PC online
  • The next step to follow is to look for a good link from which you can download chrome
  • Lastly, click on download.

Almost all phone brands and Android devices support Google Chrome. You definitely have no reason for which you shouldn’t get this app on your device and enjoy smooth and free flow browsing.

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