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Facebook Recovery Code – Hello everyone, welcome to yet another version of my article review. Here in this context, I have really got something very interesting I want to share with you and I hope you find it very useful. In one way or the other, we know about social networking media of which Facebook is among the list of social media now and happens to be a very outstanding social networking media. However, I would be emphasizing more on Facebook social media and how to get a recovery code when you loose your account.

Facebook recovery code is a code Facebook sends to you when you are at the point of recovering your FB account that you lost access to earlier. So, in essence, FB recovery code is what I call a tool to make your FB account become functional again. Before I proceed to give you insights about the Facebook recovery code. Let me take you through Facebook account creation step because you at least do need an FB account before you start getting to recover your account probably when it is lost. See how to create account:

  • Go to
  • Locate sign up section
  • Enter all necessary Infos needed for the account creation
  • Click create account once that gets through
  • Now a confirmation code gets to your email or mobile number depending on the one you used in creating the account. Enter the code then and your FB account becomes ready for use.

FB Account Recovery

Facebook account recovery gets you access into your account by correctly putting your recovery code FB sends to you. After which you will not be denied access to use your FB account again after encountering that for a while. Account recovery for Facebook is even very easy to do than you can imagine because a whole lot of FB users do see it as a very huge task that will take a whole day. The account recovery option is made on the Facebook sign up page, that’s the first fact you have to note.

Facts About Facebook ACoount Recovery Process

  • Recovering your Facebook account, the recovery code can be sent to your friends who you include while creating your Facebook account for issues like this when they arise. Now when they receive these codes, they will now send the codes to you.
  • The recovery code, making yourself the recipient. It is sent to either your phone number or email so do well to attach valid and functional information to your account.

Recover FB Account With Recovery Code

Recovering your FB account will seem very easy and straight forward after you have taken your time to understand the steps I have here below for you. In as much as the recovery procedure is easy, in most cases too it s advisable yu consult the Facebook help center to help you in this regard. If you are trying to log in to your account and it seems there is a problem regarding the login. Just don’t feel bad about it all. Just follow the recovery process below and get the code that will enable get back into your precious FB account.

  • Go to
  • Go to the login section
  • Click on ”Forgotten Password”
  • Now enter your phone number or email address attached to your FB account as FB requests.
  • Now identify you FB account
  • At this point, you get a recovery code via the phone number or email which you used. Enter the recovery code then on the space available for it.
  • Finally, reset your Facebook password.

Losing access to your FB account can happen accidentally at any time. But one good thing you have to know is that you can always retrieve your account. Don’t forget to select some friends for this kind of purpose while creating your FB account. Facebook can always send them this code and when the code gets to you from them, you can easily get your account back.

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