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Currently Facebook launched its new avatar feature which is known as Facebook avatar. This feature allows you as a Facebook user to make a cartoon character that looks just like yourself. On creating avatars that resemble you on Facebook, they can be used as stickers, to make comments, stories, and more also on Facebook messenger also. You can also use Facebook avatars in place of your profile picture on Facebook.

Facebook avatars can be accessed only on the new Facebook app for mobile devices. It is also important that you note the fact that this feature isn’t available in all countries at the moment. Just Facebook users in US, UK, and New Zealand can access this feature. If you are making use of the old Facebook app, you just need to update and download the new Facebook app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for your Android and iOS devices respectively.

Once you successfully update or download the new Facebook app, then you can access the avatar creator section right on your Facebook app to start creating your own avatar. You may have probably been checking out and looking for the Facebook avatar app to download. You have to understand the fact that it isn’t a stand-alone app on its own but rather it is a feature which you can access on Facebook app.

How To Download And Update Your Facebook Mobile App

This content though focuses on educating you on how you can create your own avatar emoji on Facebook but it will be very important also that you learn how you can update and download your Facebook mobile app which happens to be the first thing you have to get in order to start making avatars for yourself on Facebook. Kindly see below then for the simple steps which you can follow to download the new Facebook mobile app version on your Android and iOS device:

  • Open Google Play Store or Apple App store for your Android and iOS devices respectively
  • Search for ”Facebook App” with the search box provided
  • Once the app displays, click on the app
  • Click ”Install” then to download the app and then get it installed to your device. If you are updating the Facebook app on your mobile device, just click on ‘’Update’’.

That is a very simple step that you can follow to download the new Facebook mobile app version on your device. Afterward, you can now open the app and sign in to your Facebook account.

How To Create Facebook Avatar On The Facebook App

The Facebook avatar creator is right on the Facebook app. You only need a guide on how to find or locate it then you can start creating avatars for yourself on Facebook. Kindly see below for the steps to access Facebook avatar creator and more also create your own avatar:

  • Open the Facebook app which you downloaded and sign in to your Facebook account. There on the Facebook app, locate the three horizontal lines at the top right part of your Facebook homepage and click on it.
  • Then scroll down to find ”See More’’. Once you find it, what you have to do next is to click on it.
  • At this point, you will then find the Avatar icon. Tap on it to get started and from there you can create your own avatars with ease.

Creating avatars on Facebook will become very easy for you and straightforward if you follow the procedures above. Facebook avatars are effective tools for communication on Facebook. Once you create avatars on Facebook, you can use them for making comments on Facebook, making profile pictures, and chat on messenger also.

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